Investing in Free Website Hosting Services

It is worth noting that to manage a website and starting one are two distinct things you must consider. Note that even if it is a start up, you must put a lot of factors into consideration. Some of the things to think about are its maintenance and the ease of which you can make changes. One of the great methods to start with is free web hosting forms. In addition to being popular, there are many other benefits it provides. Free website hosting offers free space to clients and give them an opportunity to host and design a website according to their convenience. It is a great experience working on a free site host, which gives you an opportunity to work on your website content and allow your readers to browse in a convenient manner. You need to have a great start, especially if you have just set up your business.


If you want to create your own basic website, you should consider free web hosting. It will give you an opportunity to develop a website for a small business website or create a site for your personal use. For instance, if you want to open your cake business and need to promote it, you need to try free web hosting services and use a site builder, you will be amazed by the high level attention your business will receive within a very short time. On the other hand, if you have undertaken some courses in HTML and worked for a while, you will be able to develop a site by yourself and design it according to your convenience.

You need to note that your site will not be of any value to your business if it is not viewed by potential clients so you need to ensure that it is submitted to search engines. Free web hosting services give you an opportunity to do this. The content you provide is key because it is what attracts customers into your business, it will also help you to rank well with Google. Free hosting packages are great for new or small businesses because many of them don’t have the budgets for costly websites, making the free hosting sites the best option.

Another type of web hosting relates to cloud servers. In case you have stopped using cloud servers as a result of the cost involved, these services will offer you the better option. Affordable cloud servers provide several benefits including large space in the hard disk, high processing speed, RAM and great power. An important advantage to keep in mind is that even if a certain server crashes, you can be guaranteed that you will have it backed up. Such servers are compatible with a wide range of scripting codes. There are unlimited advantages you get despite being provided at affordable rates. You need to search through different websites before you can invest in a specific one. Set a certain amount to spend, so that you can make a wise decision.

Custom WordPress Development and its Benefits

Development of a website is not an easy process, but it even gets harder when it comes to development of bespoke sites. There are many tools used to develop websites and the most important thing is to ensure you use the tools in the right way. The most daunting task is to choose the best that meets all the expectations in the most effective way. When it comes to this, WordPress is the best among all the available alternatives. WordPress has gained a lot of popularity because it has fewer limitations in working and in the implementation of designs and concepts that offer the right response. Development of bespoke WordPress sites has become a vital step after the realisation of the great features available in it by many people. It makes it easy to create responsive sites that offer instant results. With the assistance of WordPress, it is possible to create highly optimized blogs.


In case you want to upgrade your business or your site to higher level, WordPress is a great option according to professional web designers. Development of bespoke WordPress websites is a trend that has gained popularity among site developers who assist you in creating a site that does everything you need it to while overcoming the many obstacles that might make this functionality inaccessible to those without coding experience. This is an approach that helps a site to have better ranking in major search engines. It makes it possible to create websites, which adapts easily to the most effective SEO techniques. With a website that is created using WordPress, your business image and visibility will be improved. Therefore, you just decide in a careful manner the results that you need from your website.

Advantages of creating a custom site using WordPress

In addition to being a content management system, WordPress is also a great blogging tool. It is the best tool to use to create customised sites for any type of business. One of its benefits is that the platform and the majority of the plugins are provided free of any charges, allowing you to use them according to your specific needs. Highly customised WordPress development offers a wide range of features that helps in generation of good ROI for your business. Here are some of the major advantages you get.

Easy implementation

WordPress offers an open source platform and takes less time setup making its implementation easy.

Highly customized

Another benefit of WordPress sites is that they are highly customisable in all their aspects. This means that with a site built in WordPress, you gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Friendly nature

WordPress websites allow the development of sites that are user friendly. It becomes easy for users to navigate through the site and makes it easy for major search engines to find it during the ranking process. With easy navigation, you can expect it to attract more visitors and higher referral rates.

Development of a custom WordPress website adds important functionality to the site in order to make it highly responsive and customised. You need to rely on this popular approach and get results that go beyond your expectations.

Top Benefits of VPS Web Hosting

There are many way that you can host your website. The option you select is highly determined by the kind of service that you would like to have. In the past choices have been limited, but these days there are a lot of choices available. There are options for every component you can select, for instance, operating system, kind of server to use and sometimes security and firewall systems. You might not have the knowledge on the type of choice that is most beneficial for your business. It is the role of the hosting company to advise you on the right package to ensure you do not pay more or have an incomplete package. You can be assured of getting the best services by choosing VPS hosting.


A VPS server is a more secure and easier way of website hosting. Virtual private servers are server machines that can only be used by one user. This is a great system that handles any operation in the most effective way. It is based on a virtualisation theme and provides a more secured server with no interruptions if any other internet site crashes. VPS provides a lot of benefits and here are the major ones.


VPS is cost effective and this is one of the reasons why it is popular. Despite that it offers services that can be compared to dedicated hosting, its cost is in the range of shared hosting services. Companies such as Free Virtual Servers offer VPS Hosting from just £9.99 per month.

Managed VPS services

If you want to have stress free hosting services VPS is the best option. You get all of the managed services that your system requires. Some of the services you get include data back up, software updates, new software installation, firewall updating, rebooting and others. These are kind of things that are required on daily basis. Through managed services all the requirements of the system are processed from one time to the other. The good thing is that your input is not required, so you can focus on other things.

Easily accessible

VPS hosting eliminates all the boundaries and chains of the environment in which you operate. This means that you receive limitless access to your data base from any place at all times. All you need to have is an internet connection and multimedia device. Just like with a dedicated service, a client enjoys all server requirements provided by the provider in a virtual way. The server is specific for a certain client and you can store all the data you need and perform all operations too.

Traffic balancing

Another great feature of VPS hosting is that you get good balancing for lots of traffic. When you site becomes popular, it get a lot of traffic and at times more than it can manage. Regardless of the load on your website, VPS hosting has the ability to provide the right balance when you receive increasing traffic.

24/7 support

In case you encounter any problem with the system, you get round the clock technical assistance. With this support you have peace of mind because you are assured that there will be no downtime and be able to compete effectively with other businesses.

The Benefits of Free Websites

With the increased number of free websites, many people ask the question as to whether they are good. The answer is that they are good, but just like the paid websites there are free websites that are better compared to others. The websites operate on a database with your website content displayed in site pages by use of templates that you select. They are referred as content management systems (CMS).



A study carried by W3Techs, showed that WordPress has gained a content management system market share of almost 54.8 percent. It is followed by Joomla with market share of 8.7 percent, Drupal, vBulletin, Blogger, Typo with 7.2 percent, 3.5 percent, 3.5 percent and 2.1 percent popularity respectively. Another forty seven have a popularity of 0.1 percent and 2 percent and a further seventy have less than 0.1 percent of the market. This shows that WordPress is the most popular content management system, with more than sixty million people who have chosen it.

WordPress has more options when it comes to templates or themes, with more than sixteen hundred themes on its site alone and other independent websites with their own themes. The other major benefit is the availability of several plugins that cover all requirements by a web master. This makes the website be able to play several functions. Some of the plugins available include galleries, SEO, forms, ecommerce, cache and other things you might not have thought about.

Does it suit businesses?

As a result of its many exceptional plugins, WordPress suits several types of businesses. However, if you have a business that sells million of products, you would need a customised website that has a custom designed eCommerce. Its templates and themes are highly customised, meaning that no two sites can have similar look even if they use a similar theme.

Easy installation

It is easy to install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many others with few simple clicks from the inside of the hosting control panel. Some systems that are not popular require to be downloaded from another website and uploaded to your website. Within a few minutes, you will have a default home page of your site. However, this is before you put your site content.

User friendly

WordPress has also gained a lot of popularity because it is easy friendly. All you need to do is type or paste your content into the editing screen for every web page. It is easy to upload images from within the WordPress and sized in the right way. In case you get tired of a certain theme, you can change to another without losing any of your graphics or text.

It is also possible to install plugins from its dashboard, however if you want to change from one plugin to the other the product information must be exported first and imported to the new one.


It is good to note that all CMS sites are transferable from one host to another. However, you might not be able to get templates and content from websites such as MrSite, Weebly and others owning the templates.

Bottom line

Every modern site should have a CMS to allow the webmaster to update it easily. Regardless as to whether the CMS is paid or free you must have one.

How to use free CDN server

Many new websites that start becoming bigger in terms of traffic and users, start experience problems with loading times. The idea of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service is that it improves the speed at which a website loads. The way a CDN service actually works is that it consists of a number of distributed servers that help provide users with the web pages and web content that they are trying to access, depending on geographic location. What it essentially does is minimizes the time that the individual user has to wait for a specific site, or set of web pages, to load, by providing you with the information you are trying to access from the closest possible server to your location.

Okay so how can you use one and how much does it cost? Well, the point of this article is to tell you how to use free CDN servers. The answer is therefore that it costs nothing, and here is how to use one. Okay so say you have a website with a domain name that you have purchased, and say that this website is built using, for example, WordPress or Wix. Signing up to use a free CDN server is almost as easy as signing up with Wix to create a website. For most of the CDN servers out there, all that you are really required to do is to register yourself on the correct website (we will give you some examples a bit later on), then you add your website to your account, and it will give you a custom nameserver. Now if you have ever tried transferring a domain name between two different website builders (say WordPress and Wix), the next step is almost identical. What you essentially have to do, is to log in to your domain hosting service and update the nameservers to the ones provided by the CDN service.

CloudFlare is the one CDN provider that most lists found elsewhere on the internet recommend. It works exactly as described above, and increases the loading speed of your website considerably. And it is completely free. Coral CDN is another good alternative, it’s also free because it is based on a peer-to-peer system, connection millions of computers worldwide. Most CDN providers offer free trial periods of 30 to 365 days depending on who you choose, but after you run out of trial you have to pay full price so choose wisely.

Best htaccess Security Tips

securityA lot of programmers are looking for the best htaccess security tips out there. They want to protect their sites from hackers, so they are seeking new, effective ways of doing this as soon as possible. We are going to give you some tips about this important aspect of your WordPress development so that you can stay on the safe side longer. As you will see, keeping your website protected is not hard at all, and you just need to make a couple of changes to get what you want. So read on to find out more about this.

Protect Important Files and Directory Access
Protect your .htaccess file along with your php.ini file, wp-config.php file, and error logs. Once you do these changes, any attempt to access these files will be denied right away. Replace your php.ini with a file called php5.ini. Now all you have to do is restrict people´s access to the Admin. Add “Options All –Indexes” to your .htaccess file. This will prevent any kind of directory access, so hackers will have a harsh time trying to figure out how to access this part of your WordPress system.

Preventing Username Enumeration
Hackers will try to know your username. This is all they need to find another important information: your password. You should use a strong password so you can prevent username enumeration. This is an obstacle that you can make for a hacker so that it is harder for them to access your site. Add this to your .htaccess file so you can keep username enumeration from happening:
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} author=dRewriteRule ^ /? [L,R=301]

Custom Error Pages
You can use the .htaccess file to create custom error pages for common errors such as 500, 404, and 403. Upload these pages to the base WordPress installation directory. For instance, you can create the error404.html page, and then you can also upload it to the WordPress installation directory right away. Now go to your .htaccess file so you can enable your custom error pages: ErrorDocument 404 /error.html.

As you can see, enhancing your .htaccess security is not hard. Remember that you have to protect your important files as much as you can. Keeping your files, usernames and directory access safe from hackers as we have outlined above should be a significant step towards making sure your site stays secure and safe.

How to Migrate a Word Press Site to a New Server


It goes without saying that relocating your WordPress site to another host might be such a stressful and complicated experience whereas it is not supposed to be like that. Really, there is a fear that you might damage your site when moving it to a new host, however, if several steps are precisely followed, there is no need to worry at all. So, here is a guide on how to migrate WordPress site to a new server:

Step 1. Backing up all the aspects of your site. Many plugins are available for you to back your site up. You might utilize the FTP program and connect it to your web host and then copy all files directly to some folder on your local computer. That will include the .htaccess file, which is set to be hidden.

Step 2. Exporting of the WordPress Database. It is quite easy and you just need to log in to cPanel account on your web server and then open phpMyAdmin application. Then you have to choose the database which has your WordPress installation in the list which is on the left side of the sidebar and simply click on the Export tab. Push Go button, and the database relocation process will start on your local computer.

Step 3. Creation of the WordPress Database on the new Host Server. Firstly, login to the new web host and connect with a cPanel software. For example, open MySQL Database and then create your new database, which contains a name for your website. Secondly, create your new MYSQL user and add this account to the new database and give it All Privileges.

Step 4. Editing of the wp-config.php file. Find a file wp-config.php in the folder where you have downloaded your files. Then you have to change the Database name, the Database username, and the Database user password.

Step 5. Importing of your Database. Now you have to launch phpMyAdmin from cPanel software to your new server and choose your new database from the list, which is on the left of your sidebar. When it opens, you need to select the Import tab, which is on the menu. Look at the File to Import section and click on Choose File. After you did it, select the SQL file, which has been exported before. Find the checkbox under name Partial Import and un-tick it. Try to make sure that the format is set to SQL and push Go button.

Step 6. Uploading the WordPress files to the new host. Using the FTP program, connect to your new web host and browse to the folder, which your website is meant to be held. This process might take some time. You should not delete these files until the upload process is finished.

Step 7. Link to new URL and define the new domain. Replace the new domain where you are transferring the site to a new one. Then change the site URL.

Step 8. Last, but not least. This step takes some time. You have to reconfigure your domain’s DNS settings. Such changes might take to 48 hours. Only then you can connect to your old web host and delete the files as well as your database.

Hope that this guide will help you to successfully migrate your site to the new host. Good luck!

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