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There’s so much public domain content available all over the internet, with Master Resale Rights available and sites springing up left and right with Private Label articles you can use to create your own products, but what do you need to bear in mind, what’s the ideal way to use all this content and what can you create with it?

What to Look Out For:

Copyright – you totally must check on this – violating someone’s copyright isn’t clever and may be a really costly mistake not to mention seriously damaging your reputation. Is it really public domain? All those lawyers fees can really mount up when checking into all this but believe me, you really don’t need to end up in court over it.

Public Domain Content –

If you’ve the money to have a lawyer look at copyright for you then fine, go ahead and get started. Where can you find this type of content? It may be difficult to find content that’s free to use but here are a few links to get you started:

Master Resale Rights –

If you can’t afford costly lawyers what else can you do? One rather less pricey way is to purchase Master Resale Rights to a product – this gives you the opportunity to name yourself as the author, use the content in another product, rewrite the whole thing – the possibilities are endless. Just be aware with this that you’ll need to look at the terms and conditions of what you’re allowed to do with the product before you buy.

On a budget? – not to worry, there are still many ways you can find great content without spending a fortune or worrying about whether you can legally use it. Look for membership sites that provide private label and/or guaranteed public domain content. You could also sign up to any of the well known internet marketer’s newsletters. Why? Well if you’re serious about internet marketing you should be checking out all the latest happenings anyway, but a lot of newsletter owners will have free ebooks, giveaways and articles to download – any of which you’ll be able to use as your own.

So you’ve got your content ready to go and you’ve checked your rights and permissions but there’s one more thing to think about – sites such as can check for duplicate content online and of course so can the search engines. This could mean anything from the search engines deciding they won’t rate your site as highly because the exact same content is available elsewhere to any smarty pants asking you if you really did write that incredibly good article because they’ve seen someone else claiming that they wrote it too, so you do need to be aware of this when looking to use content you’ve not personally created, but that doesn’t mean you should not go ahead and make the most of all that wonderful information.

What Can You Do?

You could just read the info to learn from it yourself; you could read it to get ideas for businesses, more articles, content, the list is limited only by your imagination.

How about:

Print Books
Membership Sites
Face to face courses
Mini courses
Teleclass content
Webcast content
Podcast content
Blog content
Content for your Autoresponder
Ezine content
Articles for your site to build AdSense income pages
Viral Reports
Tips Lists

When it comes to using all the content you’ve gathered, you need to look through it all and decide what you need to produce. If you plan to use content from more than one source, such as 2 or 3 articles by different authors to be combined into a report, you’ll need to go through and change the content into a similar style, check that it is all written in the same tense, make sure the formatting is the same throughout, check for spelling and grammar (for example – spelling for any words is different in the US than the UK) and look through all the articles to see if any of the points made are duplicated.

Once you’ve done this, make a list of points you need to make in your report, read the articles through again and start combining them together to fit what you need to say – cut and paste to copy sections into the right place.

Next, look at the way your draft reads now and see if it fits your style of writing, your personality and your business. Reword it to fit with this – there’s no point in producing a very formally written, stiff sounding report for a hobby site.

At this point you could just tweak it, proof read it,and then go ahead and publish it but to take it a step further and make it really unique, why not look at how you might rewrite it so that all of the content is yours – now you’ve got the basic idea down and laid out, it should not take you long to reword things, add in any of your own ideas and keywords that fit your site, and maybe a few quotes and suddenly you’re looking at something that no-one else has got, that the search engines will love and that no-one can claim you copied.

Time to start creating!



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