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Have you been wondering whether to start a website with free web hosting or a paid one? Well yes, this often captures a naive web owner’s mind in making a choice amongst the two options available. Free web hosting of course offers you one primary benefit: it is simplest and it is completely free!

Free web hosting has undoubtedly become one of the most popular and widely used forms of web hosting in the industry. It offers free web space on its servers for the designing and hosting of the website without any fee. Though free web hosting do have limited web hosting features with many adverts plastered on your websites, but the advantages simple outgo all the limitations.

With free web hosting, you can build your own website absolutely free. This is particularly a good opportunity for beginners to learn more about how to design a website and create one for their personal or business use. Even experienced webmasters for that matter can make the most of this service to enhance their HTML skills, create websites as per their needs and experhyment with the design of the websites.

You can also choose free web hosting simply because it also enables you to share your web contents with people with whom you share similar interests. Many voluntary or non profit-making websites with low start up capital generally opt for free web hosting services for circulating information about events and other activities. This also stands a great option for making a family website for sharing photos, videos and important events. And of course, creating a free website is very easy and time saving, with amazing features that you need not pay extra for features, which you do not really need for your website.

Web designing students can also look for free web hosting as an option to learn more about designing, developing, maintaining and monitoring a website on the Internet. Besides, many free web hosts also offer features similar to a paid hosting like cPanel, email, PHP, subdomains, MySQL, free templates, front page extensions, etc.

What’s more? These days many web hosting plans have become very cheap and are also accompanies with more web space, greater bandwidth and unlimited features, to survive in the touch competition.



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