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There are various advantages of free web hosting. It is easy to sign up for a free hosting provider and thus they are popular among the website owners. But there are lots of limitations of free hosting providers too and that make the lives of the website owners miserable who opt for these web hosting service providers. The disadvantages are:

Very little or almost no customer support: You would often find that the free web hosting service providers offer almost no customer support to the websites hosted in them. Even if they provide some amount of technical support that too is of much inferior quality. The support which is of poor quality can ruin the reputation of your website.

Too much crowd in the servers: The servers of the free hosts are not known for providing uptime or reliability. The servers have too many websites hosted on them and therefore there is always too much traffic and downtime in these servers. This happens because it is relatively simple to sign in to free hosting provider company.

Lesser features: In the free web hosting service providers you would not find the latest features, or the software or any email services that are provided by the paid hosting services. Also you cannot install any software or applications that you want in your website. Thus you would not be able to design your website accordingly.

Too much advertisement banners: The advertisement banners do the funding of these free hosting service providers. These advertisements are added by the web hosts in the forms of text links or banners or pop-ups to the web sites that are hosted on these free hosting service providers. These advertisements sometimes appear in such a way that the designs of the websites are hampered or they distract the attention of the visitors.

Overall we would suggest you to opt for Paid web hosting services which offer you with better support, uptime and a tension free hosting service which would give you better ROI in your business. The paid services normally cost less than $5 per month which is very less when compared to the services you get at the end.



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