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In order to enjoy the presence on the World Wide Web, a website needs to host itself on the web server. By virtue of getting live on the web server, a website is able to make its web pages visible to the online users. A company that provides the web servers to host your website is named a web hosting company.

A web hosting company of repute provides different types of hosting services including dedicated web hosting, shared web hosting, co-location web hosting, and re-seller hosting. In dedicated web hosting, a website enjoys a dedicated, independent server to host itself. The web hosting company allows the website to host a single or multiple sites, change the software configuration, control the bandwidth as per its requirement, and enjoy larger web traffic.

In case of shared website hosting, the web hosting company allows several websites to share space on a common physical web server. Shared web hosting is very useful for small businesses who cannot afford dedicated web servers.

Web hosting companies also offer co-location hosting. In co-location hosting, the customer can own the web server hardware. It allows him to have full control over his web server and at the same time, enjoy the benefit of 24/7 server monitoring and maintenance provided by the web hosting company.

There are quite a few web hosting companies that provide reseller hosting. In this, the web server is sold to a third party, usually web designers, web developers, or system integration companies, who then re-sell the web server space to interested customers.

As well as offering space on the web servers, a web hosting company also provides other services like domain registration and domain hosting, web designing, web marketing, and data centre services.

If you are looking for a web hosting company in India, you would be glad to know that there are multitudes of web hosting companies out there in the market. Web hosting companies India offer a varied range of web hosting services and web hosting packages to meet varied web hosting needs and budgets.

When selecting one for yourself, make sure the web hosting company in India is genuine and reliable. It should have been in the web hosting business for quite any years and should be renowned for its services. Make sure the web hosting company India that you choose offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, superior and uptime server, 24/7 server support, free domain registration, professional web designing, and web marketing services at competitive rates. If you are wondering where you can find such a web hosting company in Bangalore, you may visit www.manashosting.com



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