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ASP.NET web hosting is the latest technologies from Microsoft, which
develops web applications significantly easier with far less code than
with classic ASP, and ASP.NET pages work in all browsers. ASP.NET web
hosting refers to web hosting companies who provide support for (ASP)
Active Server Page. ASP.NET is built upon the .NET Framework. The
ASP.NET web hosting framework has a set of web development technologies
marketed by Microsoft. They are the typical language runtime and the
.NET Framework class library. ASP.NET web hosting lets you to create
dynamic websites, web applications and XML Web services.

ASP.NET web hosts execute on the server and generate markup such as
HTML, WML, or XML that is sent to a browser. ASP.NET web hosting is now
popularly available, and the Microsoft ASP.NET is the fastest growing
Web development platform in the world today. The tools you need for
your website are provided by the ASP.NET web hosting packages,
including software development, content management and many more. There
are many top web hosting service providers are available, who provide
the ASP.NET support on their web servers and also help you to integrate
server software and an existing back office management suite for a
truthfully wide-ranging approach to e-commerce.

Some of the advantages of ASP.NET Web hosting
are; Currently ASP.NET supports VB.NET, Java Script.Net
and more. It helps the programmer to simply enter on the project as
they are already attentive of more programming languages. The ASP.NET
Framework offers a managed runtime environment, providing a virtual
machine with JIT and a class library. ASP.NET mechanically recovers
from any memory leaks and other errors, and makes your website
available to the users at all times. This ASP.NET web hosting, the
latest development tool is revolutionizing the web with its speed and
scalability. As Software developed in ASP.NET is very fast as the
ASP.NET assembled the code into binary language, the replies are very
fast through the ASP.NET web hosting. ASP.NET allows the developer to
develop powerful database driven applications. ASP.NET web hosting is
for increased security and reliability.

ASP.NET web hosting is a major release that includes essential new features
that defines a new level of functionality against which all Web development is designed.
The ASP.NET web hosting service enable database functions on a web site
and fits everyone looking for a powerful web hosting solution. ASP.NET
web hosting endeavor to simplify developer’s conversion from Windows
application development to web development by offering the ability to
build pages composed of controls similar to a Windows user interface.
ASP.NET web hosting is an object oriented and offers many tools for the
programmers. ASP.NET web hosting enhances the confidence to the
programmer to develop applications using an event-driven GUI paradigm,
rather than in conventional web scripting environments like ASP and PHP.

Most of the ASP.NET web hosting services uses the .NET Framework as an infrastructure. It
is safer to host your ASP pages on a Windows 2000 server as they are
more stable.  Most of the ASP components work with (IIS) Internet
Information Services, which is specific to Windows. ASP.Net web hosting
makes the hosting and development a pleasure to the website holders.



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