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Like most of us when coming home we scroll through the mail and have a look at all the specials. Or is that the way it used to work? Market research has shown that more and more people surf the net for what they are looking for.
Here is a few quotes I found on whiles investigating this.

“More and more people are turning to the net as their preferred source for news, research and business transactions. Traditional advertising is simply not enough if you want to capture the attention of today’s modern audience. “

“. If you are not advertising on the net today, you are losing a large percentage of the audience you may have reached a couple of years ago. “

With this in mind we also did any market research on owning a Web site and the pricing. This is obviously the best way of advertising on the World Wide Web.

We at WebSites4SA are determent to get the small to medium companies on the World Wide Web. Our target market is basically for the South African market.

WebSites4SA gives a professional and affordable service to our customers which include, Domain registration, Wed site design, maintenance and hosting.

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Johan Steyn



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