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Do you ever think of why your website cannot ranked top in search engines, or never been listed in search engine? Think again… you might choose the wrong web hosting plan!

Yes, a lousy hosting provider with slow server and bad uptime, tons of downtime… will google get this site listed on top 1 of the search result (SERP) ??? Definitely this is not going to happened. Poor quality site will never ranked, poor quality host will never ranked either.

Over the pass 5 years in using web hosting, and late 1 yr in hosting reviews writing, I had come across few hosting provider that I blacklisted as ‘seo failure host’. Those hosting either have search engine bots blocked or having a bad server. Some hosting does block the google bots, just to save on server usage and world-wide-web bandwidth. Regardless shared hosting or reseller hosting, they will blocked it. We have seen this at dreamhost and godaddy. After the server is off loaded with SE bots, they can sell more hosting plan. This is bad news!

I come across few hosting provider that helps my websites and blog to get listed in top 5 of google search engines. And the hosting is hostgator. Hostgator is offering discounts sign up by the use of proper hostgator coupons code. My websites will have tons of hostgator coupons for you to choose from.

Demo hostgator website and comprehensive hostgator reviews at http://www. hostgatorreview. org/hostgator/hostgator-review/ and get your Hostgator coupons at http://www. hostgatorreview. org/hostgator/hostgator-coupon/ and reseller reviews at here http://www. hostgatorreview. org/hostgator/hostgator-reseller/

Conclusion is that, A good hosting will permit your website to get listed in search engines! My sites listed!



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