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Month: October 2015

How to Take Control of Your Website

Most modern websites are developed with a content management systems (CMS) like WordPress. This makes it possible to have an updated website without the need of any HTML knowledge. This can be more cost effective, or even free of any charges.

Update websites

Keeping your site updated not only pleases your users, but also gives you a boost with Google and other major search engines for ranking your website. It is good to note that Google likes websites with updated and relevant content. We come across many organisation sites that promote events that happened long time ago. This happens because the organisation might lack an expert with the right skills and knowledge to update the sites. This can be frustrating for any business who fails to show the most current products on their site.

Content management systems

There are many content management systems available, but one of the most popular platforms is WordPress. By 2011 December there were sixty five million downloads of version three. WordPress contains a lot of templates and themes each with many layout options. There are also thousands of plugins for all kinds of facilities such as photo galleries, eCommerce, interactive forms, membership records, SEO and others. All these facilities integrate with WordPress to provide additional functionality.