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Month: September 2019

What is Bandwidth?

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When choosing a web hosting company to host your website, there are many factors to check and compare before making a final decision. One of them includes the bandwidth limit of a hosting package. As for someone new in the world of hosting and domains, you may not be familiar with the technical term that is often used in this type of industry. 

Bandwidth and data transfer

So what is bandwidth exactly? The term bandwidth is the amount of data and traffic between users and your website. The word bandwidth is also often described as data transfer. However, both terms are not the same. Bandwidth is measured in seconds and whereas data transfer is measured in a month. To simplify both terms, imagine the bandwidth as the width of a pipe and the data transfer as the water, the bigger the pipeline, the faster the water flows. It is the same with bandwidth and data transfers. Virtually, the higher the bandwidth, the faster the speed.

Unlimited bandwidth

You may find the term unlimited bandwidth in many hosting packages. However, the word unlimited isn’t precisely what you will get. You’ll find that hosting companies usually have a fair usage policy which puts limits in your usages, including bandwidths. 

How much bandwidth do you need?

The simplest way to determine how much bandwidth you will need for your website is to compare the actual bandwidth that your site requires and the bandwidth limit offered in a hosting package. First, find out the average page size of your website in megabytes or kilobytes. Then find out the monthly average number of visitors that you get in a month. Once you have both figures, multiply your page size with the number of your visitors. You then multiply the result by the average number of page views per visitor.