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How to Migrate a Word Press Site to a New Server

Last updated on May 16, 2019

It goes without saying that relocating your WordPress site to another host might be such a stressful and complicated experience whereas it is not supposed to be like that. Really, there is a fear that you might damage your site when moving it to a new host, however, if several steps are precisely followed, there is no need to worry at all. So, here is a guide on how to migrate WordPress site to a new server:

Step 1. Backing up all the aspects of your site. Many plugins are available for you to back your site up. You might utilize the FTP program and connect it to your web host and then copy all files directly to some folder on your local computer. That will include the .htaccess file, which is set to be hidden.

Step 2. Exporting of the WordPress Database. It is quite easy and you just need to log in to cPanel account on your web server and then open phpMyAdmin application. Then you have to choose the database which has your WordPress installation in the list which is on the left side of the sidebar and simply click on the Export tab. Push Go button, and the database relocation process will start on your local computer.

Step 3. Creation of the WordPress Database on the new Host Server. Firstly, login to the new web host and connect with a cPanel software. For example, open MySQL Database and then create your new database, which contains a name for your website. Secondly, create your new MYSQL user and add this account to the new database and give it All Privileges.

Step 4. Editing of the wp-config.php file. Find a file wp-config.php in the folder where you have downloaded your files. Then you have to change the Database name, the Database username, and the Database user password.

Step 5. Importing of your Database. Now you have to launch phpMyAdmin from cPanel software to your new server and choose your new database from the list, which is on the left of your sidebar. When it opens, you need to select the Import tab, which is on the menu. Look at the File to Import section and click on Choose File. After you did it, select the SQL file, which has been exported before. Find the checkbox under name Partial Import and un-tick it. Try to make sure that the format is set to SQL and push Go button.

Step 6. Uploading the WordPress files to the new host. Using the FTP program, connect to your new web host and browse to the folder, which your website is meant to be held. This process might take some time. You should not delete these files until the upload process is finished.

Step 7. Link to new URL and define the new domain. Replace the new domain where you are transferring the site to a new one. Then change the site URL.

Step 8. Last, but not least. This step takes some time. You have to reconfigure your domain’s DNS settings. Such changes might take to 48 hours. Only then you can connect to your old web host and delete the files as well as your database.

Hope that this guide will help you to successfully migrate your site to the new host. Good luck!

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