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How to Take Control of Your Website

Last updated on May 16, 2019

Most modern websites are developed with a content management systems (CMS) like WordPress. This makes it possible to have an updated website without the need of any HTML knowledge. This can be more cost effective, or even free of any charges.

Update websites

Keeping your site updated not only pleases your users, but also gives you a boost with Google and other major search engines for ranking your website. It is good to note that Google likes websites with updated and relevant content. We come across many organisation sites that promote events that happened long time ago. This happens because the organisation might lack an expert with the right skills and knowledge to update the sites. This can be frustrating for any business who fails to show the most current products on their site.

Content management systems

There are many content management systems available, but one of the most popular platforms is WordPress. By 2011 December there were sixty five million downloads of version three. WordPress contains a lot of templates and themes each with many layout options. There are also thousands of plugins for all kinds of facilities such as photo galleries, eCommerce, interactive forms, membership records, SEO and others. All these facilities integrate with WordPress to provide additional functionality.

Simplicity of WordPress

It began as a blogging platform whereby everyone with the ability to use a keyboard would write down their thoughts in a blog. This worked well for all those without computer knowledge. It then went on to offer both static web pages and blog posts. It is very easy to change themes without the loss of any information in the website. This is similar to use of a word processing program.

Setting a new site with WordPress

There are 2 options for using WordPress sites, you can either use a WordPress subdomain by signing up through their website, or you can set up a site using your own hosting and domain name.

WordPress is proud to boast about its famous 5 minute installation whereby you download the system files and install them onto your own server, then simply visit to specify your site name, language and login details. Once complete, this will take you to your sites dashboard where you can proceed to create your website layout and add content.

Converting an old site to WordPress

Take a backup of your website content, then proceed to install WordPress. Visit to complete setup and access the dashboard setting. Create your website pages on WordPress and then copy your website content to them. Once you are happy with everything you can remove your old page files from the server and your new website will display in its place. Don’t forget to set up 301 redirects to from the old pages to the new ones, you can use a plugin for this is you’re not confident making changes to the htaccess file.

Using WordPress

When using WordPress, visit the dashboard, go to appearance, themes and try new ones. Many of the themes have option of sidebars right, left or both. Every theme has a certain system for you to load a logo or image for your header and to set backgrounds, widths, fonts and colors. In all WordPress admin sections you can click on the help link at the top right to get assistance on each section. However, you can still follow the prompts.

There are many others CMS such as Drupal, Joomla and Mambo, but WordPress is the easiest to use among them. The benefit of CMS is that you can make online updates immediately. In addition, you will not rely on schedule of web designers. Your site will always be fresh and updated at all times.

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