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VPS hosting on WordPress

Last updated on May 16, 2019


WordPress is known as the biggest blogging software online. The software is also highly used as a content management system on the web. It is quick and easy to register with WordPress by simply following through their registration process.

WordPress have a programming language known as ‘PHP’ that enables access to content from a ‘MySQL’ database. It automatically extracts information from a server to server and everywhere else on the web.

Hosting and WordPress

Before you set up with WordPress, you will first need to pick a domain name with a web host. It is advisable to choose a good web host as the ranking with Google is currently speedy and competitive.

One of the most critical decision you will make is choosing a good hosting company. A host can widely affect your overall website. For example, having a poor host setup will cause some of the features not to work on WordPress.

There is an option to choose a shared hosting package or a dedicated hosting service. A shared hosting package is the most popular due to being cheaper than a dedicated service. A shared package means your website will be sharing a server with many other websites. Whereas a dedicated host means, you won’t be sharing any server with anybody else.

Meaning of VPS

VPS stands for virtual private server. To put it simply, VPS offers the same features similar to a dedicated server but on a machine that is shared by other customers. VPS is programmed by dividing a physical computer into many servers of which individually runs each operating systems.

The benefits of VPS is, of course, having the same feature as a dedicated hosting service but at a much lower price and faster performance. VPS also offers an added resources like rams and other configurations.

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